K&L Hydraulic Rock Splitter - FEATURE

Non-Vibrating Rock Splitting by K & L Rock splitter uses the multiple hydraulic pistons push the rock toward the free face

The work process is; 

  • Drill the hole of which diameter is bigger than 80mmØ and 1~3 meter deep by crawler drill or leg drill. 
  • Put the power cylinders into the holes and then push the rock toward the free face side. 
  • Totally 1,000~ 1,500 ton power by 1,300 bar of the oil pressure pushes the rock for 2-4 minute and then the rock will be split.
  • For the transportation of broken rock, hydraulic hammer will be used for breaking the large size of broken rock. 

The productivity and efficiency is;

mainly depending on how many holes are ready because the
Breaking time is very short as 1~2 minutes.

  • Diameter of Cylinders : 85, 95, (150, 200)

Work Process

  • Drilling holes
  • Insert cylinders
  • Switch on till rock splitting (2-4minutes)